About the Artist

[Christina Tucker,  Self Portrait , Digital, 2017]

[Christina Tucker, Self Portrait, Digital, 2017]


Christina Tucker was born and raised in the suburbs of Southeastern Michigan. She majored in Art History and minored in Classics at New York University, graduating with the Class of 2017. She is currently based in New York City and works as a freelance production assistant and production coordinator.

Once set on becoming an illustrator, then a journalist, then a screenwriter, then a film critic, at this point she's trying to do it all. Her dream lifestyle is one in which she is able to pursue as much of her creativity as she can, particularly in the realms of film production, screenwriting, and criticism. An appreciation for various forms of art and the creative process connects many of her interests.

She recently completed her first short film, The Ghost and the Writer, for which she served as writer, director, and executive producer.

She's a big fan of diner food, apple cider, and nice quiet trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.